13 November 2011

David Hicks 
one of my favourite interior decorators - 
making pink  & yellow work 

When I did my book 'Colour in Decoration' in 1988 I visited a lot of houses for photography.  One of the houses was David Hick's house in Oxfordshire and I was lucky enough to meet him there. He showed me the house and talked to me about how he had achieved the looks.
The drawing room, above was a huge shock! Here was a very adult, rather proper English gentleman, married to a great granddaughter of Queen Victoria .....with an outrageous pink and yellow room. 
It was wonderful and made me realise that colours have associations but that does not mean that they can't used in less obvious ways. 

French Linen
 There was lots of white in the room including white painted  French furniture, creamy white china dressed with pink curtains and his trademark geometric carpet  in a colour not unlike my French Linen. 
It all worked because of the very grounding French Linen colours stopping it looking like a posh nursery.   
Of course the fabulous 18th century paintings were helpful too!


  1. Hello Annie,
    Do we have Antoinette here in the USA??? It is a gorgeous color.

    Lovely room!

    janet xox

  2. Antoinette is coming very soon...I sent the colour to Lisa and she has sent it to the manufacturer. I was just tickling your senses with it! Glad you are enjoying my blog Janet

  3. Oh Annie, I think our customers will just love Antoinette and be thrilled it is coming here. Such a lovely soft pink, I love it.

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