29 November 2011

Swedish Painted Furniture
Gustavian Neo-classical  Decoration

Gunnebo Slott - an 18th century Swedish country house
 Everything of course with loads of OLD WHITE!!
Scandinavian Pink and Old White
Paris Grey
Aubusson Blue
Country Grey
Château Grey and Old White
 King Gustav III of Sweden was heavily influenced by French politics and French decoration.
After seeing what happened to the French monarchy in the revolution Gustav established a very strong royal rule, curtailing his permissive parliament's reforms
Although in many ways quite autocratic, his interest in culture and intellectual freedom led to a hugely rich cultural heritage. 
He introduced French Neo-classical style to Sweden
 Gustavian interiors were light and elegant interpretations of the Louis XVI style, with echoes of English, German and Dutch influences


  1. What a lovely post Annie! If you make it over to Sweden I promise to take you to see Gunnebo(it´s not far from us) - and some other lovely places where the colours are beautifully Swedish...including the baroque castle, Läckö, which is also wonderful. (http://www.lackoslott.se/slottet_interiorer_eng.asp)

  2. Hello Annie,

    Another fabulous post! I love hearing the history behind the design.

    Janet xox

  3. Those colors are stunning together~ Lovely blog.
    One of your stockist from Illinois~

  4. Gorgeous colors. I love them and this is my favorite style of decor.

  5. Sarah, I'm taking you up on that!! I'd love to visit you and Gunnebo and other places!! Maybe we should make a date to come next year and I could do a demo or something in your store?

  6. Hi Annie:
    Love love love what you are doing here!! What colors would you use to get, that beautiful green/blue on the walls in the 2nd photo here? Also how about the woodwork in the same photo? I am in Love with that room...need it, want it, gotta have it!!
    Sally your loyal Massachusetts stockist:)

  7. Thanks Sally! Love what you are doing too! Great styling
    For the colours it is the colours I have added above...Aubusson and to make it greener add a little Olive or Château..woodwork in Country Grey, Old White of course and a teeny bit of Scan Pink on the fabric probably and a teeny bit of gold? Scrummy

  8. I'm not sure if I'm entering this giveaway correctly, but American Tour 2012! And, of course, I LOVE your work!

  9. I love the results of furniture done with your paints and wax. I put your paints on my Christmas list. American Tour, I'm there!

  10. Love your work Annie!
    Love your paint!
    Looking forward to the "American Tour 2012"!
    dragonflyu (at) verizon (dot) net

  11. "American Tour 2012" I love to work with this amazing paint.

  12. Add me to the "American Tour 2012", Annie. It would be such a pleasure to meet you and to learn your techniques in person. Hope to see you in Dallas!

  13. I can't wait to try your paints and waxes. It is on my Christmas list, heck, it is the only thing on my list!

  14. "American Tour 2012" My husband just found out about chalk paint and has become obsessed!

  15. American tour 2012. Lovely colors!

  16. I am your newest follower...love you paints.

    American Tour 2012

  17. I am new to your paints and totally in love ... I will be setting up a shop in the new year. I even have my husband helping me paint. I truly have found my passion. Can't wait to meet you in New Orleans. I am the stockist for upstate New York. I can't wait to share this paint.Maybe oneday you can come visit us in the beautiful catskill mountains...Land in the Sky.