6 November 2011

Aubusson Blue

How the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colour got its name!

Aubusson is a town in central France where weaving has been done since the 14th century.  The style for which it is associated can be seen in the two pieces above both from circa 1750. 

 When I first started decorating in the late 1970s, I used to work in the some pretty wonderful places in London and in country houses.  I'd often heard reference to  'taking care of the Aubusson carpet' so I investigated and discovered these  fabulous beauties and the incredible blue. All these colours were natural probably indigo dyes so the colour varies with  intensity.  The piece above looks a little more turquoise than it is really. The top fragment is more accurate.

Look how well it goes with Country Grey & Scandinavian Pink - Coco and French Linen too with Versailles!

Aubusson Blue 

 Country Grey
Scandinavian Pink with Old White

Louis XV chairs with Aubusson tapestry upholstery


  1. Oh Annie...this was such an interesting post. I had no idea the name of this color came from something other than your imagination!

    Great little art history class. I've used Aubusson and I love it. Such a rich hue and it compliments so many of your other colors so beautifully. I paired it with Coco received so many compliments.

    So proud to be a new stockist of your paint...thank you!

    Janet xox

  2. Love the research you put into naming your palette. I am enjoying sharing the names with clients. :)

  3. I just blogged about this color a few days ago!! I love it!!

  4. Thanks Janet, Theresa and Sharon.. I am really enjoying doing it...It stuff that's in my head so I just love finding it all and the pics....the reaseach was done over the years!!

  5. Ms. Sloan, I am enjoying your paints to no end! I have a question regarding a chest of drawers I painted Aubisson Blue with just clear wax. My first piece. It sits in my very small dining room that joins the living room along the same wall (I live in a small condo near Washington DC). There is a reddish-orange couch on the same wall in the adjoining living room. The floors are a warm distressed maple and the art on the walls are mostly warm reds/oranges/blues and a little green/some warm brown-various shades in mid-century abstract prints over the couch. I painted the chest that sits in my dining room Aubisson Blue hoping to pop it off the reddish orange couch, and also to cover the original black paint that once was there. In between the Aubisson Blue chest and reddish-orange couch is a now painted Old White with Greek blue interior old china cabinet. The lamps in the room are white. I hope I have not made your head swim! I want to do something to the small Aubisson Blue/clear waxed chest to add dimension and interest. I see that Scandinavian Pink is a color choice of yours to go with Aubisson Blue but I don't believe I want to add any pink to the existing mix of colors. Can you suggest what to do? Perhaps a color wash of something? Can I put it right over the existing clear wax? Should I paint the chest a new color and distress it back to the blue? Should I add dark wax to anything? Thanks so much in advance and look forward to your answer.